Carigno del Maule

Carigno del Maule

Deep ruby red with violet hues


Abundant notes of raspberry and cherries, extremely floral and fresh, notes to tobacco as a sign of elegant evolution in the bottle


in the mouth is a very fruity wine, fresh and consistent with the nose It has an intense acidity that prolongs its sensation in the mouth Tannins firm and with character, they give layers and an interesting vertical structure to this Carignan.

Carigno de Maule is a Carignan grown in the Cauquenes neighbourhood of the dry inland area of the Maule Valley known as the Secano Interior. This Guzmán family vineyard is located 35 kilometres from the coast. The soils are granitic with a high presence of quartz. The vines are ungrafted, 75 years old, dry-farmed and bush-trained. 

This terroir truly brings out the very best of this variety. The grapes for this vintage were harvested on 25 March, when they had reached optimal phenolic ripeness.

This wine was vinified in stainless steel tanks. The grapes were destemmed and selected, and some of the grapes were slightly crushed in order to gently release their juice. Then they underwent a three-day cold maceration, followed by alcoholic fermentation, which was carried out with native yeasts from the vineyard. Gentle pump-overs were carried out to homogenize the contents of the tank. Temperatures were controlled to ensure they did not exceed 24°C-25°C (75°F-77°F). Once alcoholic fermentation was complete, the wine was left in contact with the skins and seeds for an additional eight days. The wine was racked off and the solids were pressed. The press wine was blended with the free-run wine. The wine was then racked into fifth-use 225-litre French oak barrels, where it aged for a total of 20 months.

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  • Technical Data
  • PH 3,2
  • Acidity 7,0 g/L tartaric acid
  • Alcohol 14% v/v
  • AV 0,6 g/L acetic acid
  • MR 2,1 g/L
  • Contains sulfites
  • Floor Granitic with presence of quartz.
  • Vineyard age 75 years
  • Driving system Bush vines
  • Kilos per vine 1,5