Blend 2018


Deep red with violet naunces


from intense aromas to red fruits and spices Black pepper, tobacco leaves and small touches of vanilla


In the mouth it is a very balanced wine that combines acidity and weight in the mouth very well It feels fresh and long, with lingering tannins

Sintruco Blend Sintruco is a three valleys blend , on one hand Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon from the coastal dry land of Maule, Cauquenes. Carignan cames from 70 year old vines on bush vines system and Cabernet Sauvignon from 20 year old vines on trellis system , both on granite soil with a high presence of quartz located 35 kilometers away from the coast.

The carmenere comes from the Colchagua Valley, from vines of 20 years on average on trellis system , with irrigation , on a granitic soil with an average clay content
Finally, the Syrah comes from the Maipo Valley, specifically from the area of San Juan de Pirque, from 15 year old vines growing in a soil of colluvial origin
Each of the varieties is harvested according to their state of optimum maturity and vinified independently . The grape is destemmed and selected , part of the grape is slightly cracked to subtly release its juice . It begins with a cold maceration of 3 to 5 days , the alcoholic fermentation is carried out with native yeasts from each vineyard , during fermentation the juice wine it moves gently to homogenize the contents of the tank . Temperatures are controlled , we expecte they don´ t exceed 24 25 C. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished , skins, seeds and wine are left in
contact for an additional 8 to 10 days . After the press is done the drop wine is mixed with the juice resulting from pressing the solid parts . Then it goes to new (20%) and used (80%) French oak barrels of 225L capacity , where it completes a total guard of 10 months

Sintruco 2018
  • Technical Data
  • PH 3,41
  • Acidity 5,44g/L tartaric acid
  • Alcohol 13,5% v/v
  • AV 0,59 g/L acetic acid
  • MR 2,5 g/L
  • Contains sulfites