Cinsault 2020


Brilliant ruby red.


Notes of red fruits such as raspberry and pomegranate, mixed with notes of flowers and white pepper.


On the palate it is a light and easy drinking wine, with great freshness and acidity.

Vedette Cinsault is a 100% Cinsault borns in the interior dray land of Maule, Cauquenes, Chile.

Only 0.3 hectares of Cinsault give life to Vedette Cinsault. The vines have on average 70 years old and are led in a bush vines system on dry farm. The vineyard is located 35 kilometers away from the coast in a straight line. Its soils are granitic with high presence of quartz and associated with derivatives of metamorphic rocks, where the fertility levels of these soils, measured as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Organic Matter indices are very low. Every year this soil is plowed manualy to preserve its condition and good texture.

This terroir represents the expression of this variety in its splendor. Its harvest was carried out the second week of March where it reached its optimum phenolic maturity.

This wine was vinified in 400 kilos open bins. The grape is destemmed and selected, full berry. The alcoholic fermentation began the day beforeof destemming the fruit, and was carried out with native yeasts. Temperatures are controlled, we expect they don´t exceed 24°C. Alcoholic fermentation took 5 days to complete and after that the skins, seeds and wine were left in contact for an additional 4 days. The press is done and the drop wine is mixed with the wine resulting from pressing the solid parts. Then went down to 3 used French oak barrels of 225L capacity. The malolactic fermentation reached 100%.
The packaging of this wine was made in Agosot, after 5 months in barrels.

Vedette 2020
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  • Technical Data
  • PH 3,35
  • Acidity 6,2 g/L tartaric acid
  • Alcohol 13,8% v/v
  • AV 0,35 g/L acetic acid
  • MR 1,1 g/L